Our shared passion...

is to help you become "fluent across cultures", in order to be able to connect graciously and effectively in a variety of cultures and circumstances, thus feeling at home and at ease in the work environment as well as in your personal life.

Fluent Across Cultures was founded by Diederika Hoddenbagh and Saskia Kouters. More information on each of us individually can be found below.

We use a variety of methods to help you: self-developped course material based on years of experience, as well as accredited methods such as MBTI , Belbin and UQ Career Platform.


Diederika Hoddenbagh

Diederika has more than 30 years of work experience with Wycliffe and SIL International, both at home and abroad. She works in the Netherlands and in West-Africa as Career Coach, Team Facilitator and Leadership Coach. She is fluent in Dutch, English and French.
She has B-level accreditation for the Psychometrical instruments she uses (MBTI, Strong, Belbin, Firo-B). She is also a certified Motivation Specialist, giving her an analytical tool to help clients make their highly personalized Motivational Compass, equipping them to make wise career and life choices.

Diederika is Dutch. She was born in South Africa, she grew up in Irian Jaya and the United States, studied in the Netherlands and lived and worked in various European and West African countries. She is married and has two grown-up daughters. She now divides her time between working in the Netherlands and traveling to French speaking West Africa doing coaching, Career Guidance or Team Facilitation wherever she goes.


Saskia Kouters

Saskia has wide experience in government as well as in business. She worked as an international project manager for a large company. Her Business Degree at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen helps her to analyse situations and implement changes in processes and organisational culture. Also, she has a Master Degree in teaching Economics and is an experienced teacher in (Dutch) Middle and High School. Her years of experience in the leadership team of a community development project have sharpened her ability to deal with a variety of people and situations. In addition to her certification as Motivation Specialist, she is a UQ Career Certified Expert, giving her an extra analytical tool to help individuals to find their motivation and teams to work together more effectively.

Saskia's background is international, growing up in a bilingual family, with friends from various cultures and nationalities. She lived and studied in Paris for a year, completed her master thesis in the UK and has always enjoyed travelling and getting to know different countries, people and languages.